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I am a huge fan of Dundas BI, but sometimes I struggle with the massive capabilities of the system. Internally, our small software company has created a "DBI Cheats" note in Evernote that we share to document those cool features that we don't use frequently, but know that the functionality exists somewhere. However, I know that we are only scratching the surface of cool cheats; I'd love to share some of the things we find ourselves coming back to on occasion and to hear from other users some of their own cheats. Our cheat sheet includes items from Dundas webinars as well as things we've found on our own; for example, this is from a recent Dundas webinar:

LINK HORIZONTAL SCROLLING ON MULTIPLE CHARTS31 Mar 2016Under Dashboard Actions, expand Loading and click the + sign to create a new script chart2.control.xViewport = chart1.control.xViewport; chart3.control.xViewport = chart1.control.xViewport; chart4.control.xViewport = chart1.control.xViewport;

I had no idea we could even do this.

Here's another example:

DISABLE CONTEXT MENU ON TOUCH-ENABLED DEVICES (DASHBOARD)13 Jan 2016--This version disables the Context Menu for the entire canvas, not just the controls--Add new script to the [Ready] action--In the Script Editor, add the following code:if (dundas.Utility.isTouchEnabled ()){var contextMenuService = window.dundas.context.getService ("ContextMenuService" );contextMenuService.showContextMenu = function () { };}

We ran into this when our clients started using the product on iPads and mobile phones.

(BTW - this idea brings up the need for tags in this forum so as we build a library of great ideas, the search feature doesn't get bogged down).



As I am not a software design developer, I found the Dundas BI system rather overwhelming when I first started to use it so I created my own "cheat" sheet - more of a "How to" document as it were - which is now 29 pages long and growing..... I would love to see a "Cheat of the Day or Week" here on The Cube. I'm very interested in finding new ways to build more effective dashboards.


Thank you, Kris, for these "Cheats". Currently, our team installs DBI on a new server. So, I will share mine when I get the chance :)

We set up a list of occasionally used scripts when we began rolling out Dundas Dashboard. We found that scripts were needed to gain some additional functionality.

As far as doing this for DBI, we actually haven't a pressing need, yet. Most of what we need to do can be done natively within the UI, but I am always game to learn about cheats that other folks are using.

Thanks for sharing!

If you want to verify that all strings are globalized in the UI, change the value of the "Sender Email Address" setting (in the config UI) to "pig@pig.pig", then recycle the DBI app pool in IIS. Urprisesay!

Note - in 3.0, recycling the app pool will not be required.

HitTest will let you find out what data points are under the mouse location. Two methods will help you get that information.

// Can be used when mouse events are triggered.

var args = dundas.Utility.getAdapterHitTestArguments(e.originalEvent, chart1);

var result = chart1.control.hitTest(args.offsetX, args.offsetY, args.target);

Content of result object will vary depending on visualization.

Join tables directly from the data connector by dragging and dropping the columns form two tables on the canvas. The tables will auto-join on the common column. If not, then manually define the join by right clicking on the table and defining a relationship.

Kris, and everyone who added their cheats, thank you for these! I plan on encouraging all my clients to join in and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge amongst you all and contribute where they can!

Nikhil - Does the drag and drop method support a multi-column join? For example if both tables include Continent and Country, can I join the tables on both columns using the drag and drop method?

Instead of creating view parameters manually I will sometimes drop a filter onto my dashboard and bind it to all the necessary charts. When you then delete the filter you are prompted to keep or remove the auto-generated view parameter. Simply keep the view parameter and you're good to go with using it in any interactions!


I'm looking forward to seeing this ability applied to OLAP structures as well. We have a specific use case or two where that will be beneficial.

I felt really silly for not knowing this, but I only recently realized you can use the keyboard arrow keys to fine tune the position of a control on the dashboard canvas. I was using the mouse to drag things around--which generally works fine. However, selecting an object and using the arrow keys allows for some finer adjustments.

I've done all kinds of crazy things with scripting, but I missed out on that obviously handy feature for...months.

Kris, it will happen if the relationship is defined (we automatically inherit any from the underlying structure such as SQL with foreign keys or if you set the relationship manually through the UI by right-clicking on the table in the explore panel and selecting Relationships)

Script editor has a few hot-keys:
Ctrl+Space = Code Completion
Ctrl+/ = Toggle Comment of Current Line of Code or Currently Highlighted Lines of Code
Ctrl+Q = Rename Current Variable

Ctrl+O = Shows Type summary text

Ctrl+G = Go To Line

Ctrl+. = Select all instances of Current Variable

Alt+. = Jump to variable definition

Alt+, = Jump back


I figured it might come down to that. In a perfect data geek world, I could have tables from unrelated sources (separate databases, separate applications) that just so happen to have the same two columns and I could drag those columns onto the DBI canvas to create a join. So the relationship has to be created through the UI - not a big deal; dragging and dropping won't work in this case. Bummer - I'm always looking for shortcuts. Thanks.

Care to share your craziest scripting adventure? This is one area where I'm really lacking. I understand the concepts and language structure, but implementing scripts that actually work properly usually means I have to call the DBI support team (which is not a bad thing, I'd just like to be more independent when it comes to scripting).

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Those are good. Sorry I don't have any at the moment, but now I know where to put them when I do.

It's a great idea to have cheats sheet for Dundas BI. We do always add some new articles to our support site, but you know best what helps you! =)

Fyi, we recently posted article how you can "cheat" to get top N values + "Other" that includes the rest of values: http://www.dundas.com/support/master/support-center/support-articles/metric-sets/display-top-n-other-measures-using-data-cube-transforms

It's a pretty cool one =)

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Hi Kris,

This will absolutely not be helpful, but here's the "craziest" thing I've done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otp0lIQlLts

It's the most expensive light switch ever!

I'll try to find you some actual helpful examples that I can share. :)


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Dude - that's awesome!! I'd classify that as an "I wonder if I can?" programmer thing. Sometimes, you just can't help yourself. :)