Vertical scroll on multiple tables

Hello All,

I have 3 almost identical tables on a dashboard with a vertical scroll bar. I would like all 3 to scroll in unison. Meaning when the cursor is hovering over any 1 of 3 and i use the scroll wheel or click the scroll bar up/down arrows or click and drag, all 3 tables will scroll. I found some scripting here but couldn’t get it to work. Any help is appreciated

Hello, the script you are trying is for charts. For tables, you can add this one in the dashboard ready event. Here, second and third tables will scroll with the first table:
$(first_table_name).on(dundas.view.controls.DataGrid.Constants.ScrollEventName, function(e){
second_table_name.control.setScroll(e.scrollLeft, e.scrollTop);
third_table_name.control.setScroll(e.scrollLeft, e.scrollTop);


that worked perfectly. Thank you soo much.

Small clarifying comment: For my situation, I added the script two more times and updated the tables so that i could hover the cursor over either table 2 or table 3 and the scroll all 3 tables.

Thank you again @upasana