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Are you looking for some valuable resources to make sure your BI projects are firing on all cylinders? Have you come across some great content within The Cube, only to forget about it once completing the challenge? Have you missed a Tip of the Week?

You’ve come to the right place!

Over the last year and a bit, we’ve published some great materials in The Cube, and we want to make sure you’re able to access them whenever you want.

Check out the material below. We’ll be updating this frequently, as we find more gems to share with you.

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Dundas’ User Forums

  1. Welcome & Getting Started
  2. Dundas BI Cheat Sheet
  3. Tips & Tricks

Choose the Right Chart (Not the Left Chart)

  1. The Qualitative Chart Chooser
  2. Dr. Abela’s Chart Guide
  3. The International Business Communication Standards
  4. The Data Visualization Catalogue
  5. From Data to Viz - A Decision Tree


  1. How to Create a Box Plot in 30 Seconds
  2. Off the Charts... With Jeff!

Discovered by You

  1. Profunda Analytics’ Blog
  2. E-Tab’s Blog
  3. You Say Data, I Say System
  4. Getting The Cube Job Statuses
  5. Data Viz Project

From the Vault

  1. Support Site Learning Resources
  2. Our Favorite Dashboards
  3. 7 Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design

Visualization Insights

  1. Visualizations that Really Work
  2. What Makes a Good Visualization
  3. Anatomy of a Graphic
  4. The Color Picker for Data
  5. The [Other] Color Picker for Data
  6. Data Visualization Checklist

Case Studies

  1. Devon Partnership NHS Trust
  2. Absorb Software
  3. Center6
  4. Medidata
  5. InfoCloud
  6. The Boeing Company
  7. IT Weapons
  8. Family HealthCare Network
  9. Siemens
  10. SAVYVA
  11. Rental One
  12. Profunda Analytics

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