Saving multiple pages of dashboard at a time


I am needing to save (as PDF) varying lengths of a dashboard based on a reference # selected. For example, one reference number might display 2 pages (8.5x11 paper), another could display 30. The “page #” is also a filter I can use – so when the dashboard is first opened, it’ll default to page #1, but they could view pages 2-n if desired. When they save this as a PDF, I essentially need to it show save all the pages at once, without the filters showing.

Essentially, I want the dashboard to look like this:

But when “Save All Pages” is pressed, I want the script to save only the page content of page 1, page 2, page 3, (pages 1-n) as a single file. Is that possible?


Hi Rachel,

Not that long ago Jeff posted a trick for using pagination maybe this can help you:

And for hiding the menu items (hierarchies and buttons) David gave me trick in order to hide them just before performing the export:

I hope that helps,


Hi Rachel,

Another way to achieve what you’re trying is to include paged versions of your report on your dashboard but link the export button to a report (which exports the non paged report instead) as well as your filters.

So this way you will have the filters as well as paged report on your dashboard and the exported report version would just be the content.