Pagination in table and report ?

Hi ,

Can you Please share reference link for following thing
1.Can I set pagination in table and report
2.How to set report table with border for each cells(I found separate line for each row but not the border for each cells)

Welcome @shahin.felkees,

Tables and Reports are not paged in Dundas BI as we have instead gone with the concept of scrolling to show content. If you want, it’s still possible to setup a table to be paginated.

Here is a sample that i built.

To do this, pass your data through a data cube so that you can calculate page numbers and use a filter to set the current page. You can see at the bottom of my sample that there is a next and prev button, these are simply updating the ‘page number’ filter on the dashboard.

I must ask, do you really want paging on your dashboards? It’s useful in some cases like in the case of automatic scrolling for wall mounted dashboard but it’s mostly an old concept that isn’t often used with online content. If you want it, i can post some sample code and steps for you but i truly am curious about your use case.

For the border use the properties -> Look -> Cell Style

*Also make sure you don’t have an alternating row style set that is overriding your design


Properties -> Look - > OUTER BORDER STYLE