Ragged Hierarchy Implementation

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I have created a ragged hierarchy for Geography , some of the geos are having 2 levels like North America and some are having 4 levels like Middle East Africa.

My cube is having data from different sources and for some source the data is at country level and for some source the data is Region Level .

When I promote hierarchy its working totally fine .

Once I create a metric set and drag the geo hierarchy to rows and then click on the Pencil icon in the data analysis panel there is an option Default Parameter value if I click that to see all the available values I am getting an below error.
“The fact table contains data for non-leaf ragged hierarchy members, which prevents meaningful aggregations.”

So fix this, I Limited the data in my cube to only source which is at country level and then once again when I checked the cube it gave me the desired result.

Hence my question is if my data in the cube is at different levels then it will not work ? , all the data should be at same level?
As the hierarchy is having the data at all levels then it should show up .

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Shiv Kumar

The problem you face is as follows:

  1. You have a hierarchy that contains Africa as continent (just an example), and Egypt and Tunisia as two African countries.
  2. The fact table should contain numbers ONLY for Egypt and Tunisia, but the error message says the fact table contains data for Africa as well.

Such a scenario renders aggregations impossible, as selecting Africa as a filters would become ambiguous: does the user really mean Egypt + Tunisia, does he needs the numbers specific to Africa alone, or the sum of all three values?

Therefore the fact table should contain data only for the bottom leaf members or a ragged hierarchy, irrespective of the their level.

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