Ragged Hierarchy

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Per Dundas , A ragged hierarchies can have only the child/leaf nodes so that It can be used in the dashboard. I did exactly the same and now the visuals are pretty good with Parent & Child Hierarchy. I’m able to drill up and down with it. However I have a situation here. My parent records also has some values!!! … So how can i make it visible to the users ?

See the attached image. There is a provision in our front end to just select the parent node and not necessarily select the child node. So few users just select ‘Air and Climate’ and not items under them. So the actual value here is 900 , but only 850 , which belongs to the leaf nodes are shown here. 50 items are missing. Can somebody please let me know how to show them in the drilldown ? So when I drill down ‘Air and Climate’ , I should be able to see ‘Air and climate’ with count of 50 and ‘Greenhouse’ and ‘Outdoor air’ with count of 300 and 550 respectively.Ragged_Hierarchy

the note is section 4 here https://www.dundas.com/support/learning/documentation/analyze-data/create-a-ragged-hierarchy
“The ragged hierarchy must be linked to fact data (measure values) only for “leaf” members, or members with no children.”
that means the values for any that is a parent (has a child) does not get summed or displayed.

I had the same issue and they are aware of the need to have these values included. I was told it not a technical issue but what way do they include them issue. I told them make it so we have the ability to choose what way it gets included.

Say your Ragged Hierarchy is of employees and you want the salary of employees of a manager, do you want to include the managers salary or just get the salaries of the people that report to this manager? They can do either the issue is how do they give us the option to choose on the fly after dashboard is created if the top parent value should be include or excluded and still visually look good.

Hi James , Thanks for the reply. So you mean to say they are aware of this problem and still have not offered a solution and the issue still exists , correct ?

You saw what Adrian posted Ragged Hierarchy Implementation
The more customers that say they want a solution makes this issue get closer to the top of items to work.

@Inactive-Member-11588809 So there is no resolution for this case from Dundas yet ? When can we expect this feature ?

This is very difficult to solve from a visual point of view.

If the hierarchy would behave according to your suggestions, selecting a parent would have three possible solutions:

  1. Parent only data
  2. Children only data
  3. Parent and children data combined

Allowing such a selection whenever a parent checkbox is selecting quickly become very confusing.