Introductions - Welcome to The Dundas Community!

I'm an IT Project Manager with Tyco Integrated Security, responsible for a team providing BI to our Customer Care Centers in teh US and Canada.

I'm a Solution Architect at Dundas. Excited to be a part of The Cube!

Hello, I'm a Junior Business Systems Analyst at Dundas Support. I'm here to make sure that our clients are able to make the most of the software.

Hi all,

I am BOC Analyst,and i am the dundas BI developper and i am very exciting about this cube.let's hope it'll be very sharefulll!!!!

Hello, I like to bring software products to life and I manage the R&D and PS groups here at Dundas. Really proud of our products, services and most important of our people, they are the best. Excited to listen to your feedback, of any kind. Will make us develop even better products.

Tom, so glad you joined us on here! I have a small confession...I'm a little addicted to the challeneges on here :)

Jeff, glad you could join us in teh Cube!

Race you to 5K points - you game?!

Hi Todd, welcome to the Cube!


I am Mohammad Qasim, Professional Services Manager at Infocloud -Saudi Arabia.

I start working on Dundas Dashboard since version 1. and I do see how the application life cycle was amazing. Now I am responsible for every activity related to Dundas BI business in my company.

Currently I am expanding my profession to other business area like business analytics specialization and big data science.

It is agreat feeling to wake-up every day to work for same aim which making people beleive in Dundas as great solution to their business.

Dundas simply changed my life, my way of thinking and my coming future.

Sr Account Exec Barlas yuce here. Responsible for Texas and Turkey. Would love to here from some of the companies in my "T" as to how they like our product.

Welcome to The Cube Mohammad! We are so pleased to have you, and thank you for the incredibly kind words. I'm excited to see where the program will lead us.


I am the Manager of Business Intelligence and Data Architecture for Leidos Health. I also manage our support team. We began using Dundas many years ago with the Dundas Dashboard application. Last year we made the jump to DundasBI and it has been great. Wonderful feedback from our end users, the dashboards are are very intuitive and easy for them to use.

A huge plus for us was the ability to grab data from different SQL servers and combine them into one data cube without the need to build an ETL. For small data sets this is great as the time to market for a data cube is much quicker than having to build and schedule an ETL. With a small team, just 3 of us in BI/Data, anything we can do to speed up our time to market is appreciated.

Hello Andy, so glad you joined us in here :)

Hi everyone,

I am Leila, Senior Account Executive here at Dundas. Very exciting! :)

Let's have some fun!

I'm one the R&D Director for the UI/UX portion of the application, the entire front-end basically. It's nice working with ASP.NET MVC and WebApi, .NET has come a long way!

It's less nice working with vanilla JavaScript (we rarely use any 3rd party libraries)..

I've been around this industry for a while - let's just say I'm NOT a millenial - and I've seen all varieties of tech support. Good support is hard to come by, great support is rare. I have to say "Keep up the great work!" You guys and gals have world class tech support. You are doing a wonderful job. I'd put you up there right with the best I've ever encountered, inluding IBM and the folks at Integra Docutrack.

I'm a Business Intelligence Analyst at AMSOIL, Inc.. We started developing dashboards with Dundas Dashboards V5, and quickly made the leap to Dundas BI (which I love). I do all things dashboard here, from requirements gathering to dashboard design, from data wrangling (SQL is my friend) to javascripting, from dashboard development to end user support. Dundas has been a great partner and the support is excellent. Keep up the great work!

Hi LeAnn, welcome to The Cube! We are elated to have you here!

I'm a greybeard data/BI architect who has been working in this field for 30 years. My main clients are big pharma who have a need for true analytical tools, as compared to simple dashboards/scorecards. Although the Dundas object model is a little complicated compared to others, the ability to build practically anything is irresistable when it comes to my line of work.

Hello, I'm a Business Intelligence Consultant with Dundas.