Introductions - Welcome to The Dundas Community!

A little bit about me…

A graduate of Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario, Canada; I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and have a passion for creating communities. I joined Dundas as a Community Experience Coordinator to get a taste of the tech industry, and fast-forward 3 years and I'm now the Content and Community Manager.

When I'm not at the office running The Cube and writing some kick-@$$ content, I can be found relaxing on the golf course, attending a ball game (go Raps!) or sitting on a couch attached to my phone (millennials, right?).

Now, tell me about yourself by replying to this topic!

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I'm a senior programmer at Dundas and have become a bit of a jack of all trades, working on various portions of the system


Sr. Account Executive with Dundas here. Very excited about The Cube!

Resident Hack #2 at Center6, a Dundas BI partner. LUV DBI - wish I could exploit all of it's capabilities, it's so massive!

Solution Architect here!! lots of experience building BI content and have intement knowledge of the inner workings of Dundas BI. Kris can confirm this ;)

I'm the R&D director for the Framework & Tools team. We work on the low-level stuff in Dundas BI such as authentication/authorization/security, application configuration, logging, integration, and extensibility.

I'm leading the Tech Support team at Dundas. Like everyone else, I love to help and love to learn. So now you know part of the reason why Dundas Support provides the best support in this industry.

I'm a BI customer and I am interested to see how The Cube pans out and where this all goes. The Dundas team has done some amazing programming with BI. Great job folks!

I'm a Technical Support Engineer at InfoCloud

Thanks Tom for the kind words! We're thrilled to have you in our community, and we are equally, if not more interested to see where this leads.

We are one of the partners in Saudi Arabia. Expanding business for BI solution

Hello! In a previous life I was a C++ library and frameworks developer, and before that wrote software for Hospitals and Insurance companies (and a whole bunch of other folks like national labour unions, general motors and medical researchers). Now I spend most of my time trying to explain how software developers think to 20 year old hipster-marketers working in Silicon Valley. The C++ work was easier.

It's a pleasure to meet you David, and welcome to The Cube! As a 20-something hipster-marketer myself, I am thrilled to have you on board!


I'm an application developer at ADT Security on the Business Analytics & Management Team. I am one of the code monkeys on a small team of developers working on BI and employee management solutions for our contact centers. I'm also an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University in the Data Analytics department where I teach (among other things) enterprise data management to my hard-working students!

Welcome to The Cube! It's a pleasure to meet you Jeff. Seems like you've got your hands full between work and teaching, so I am so thrilled that you have joined our community!

Thanks, Jordan. I'm glad to be here!

Hello, I am the Operations Manager at Advanced Logistics. Advanced Logistics provides marine logistics software. I work with our developers creating dashboards integrated into our software.

Welcome to The Cube Jason!

I am a senior business intelligence analyst at iView Systems, and I am responsible for gather requirements, design and deliver the final BI projects to the clients.

We are thrilled to have you in The Cube. It's a pleasure to have you on board Giselle.