How Absorb Software Embed Dundas BI to Provide Superior Analytics in a Multi-Tenant Environment

Hi VIPs,

I am so excited to announce to you all, that after working very closely with VIP Ryan McAllister of Absorb Software, we’re bringing you another fantastic case study!

Within this case study, we explored how Absorb Software employed a multi-tenancy scenario where they could effortlessly create and manage their clients, each separate from one another, and present them with a rich suite of reporting options, each custom-built to their specific needs.

Ryan McAllister is a Business Intelligence Developer at Absorb Software in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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After checking out the case study, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Ryan!

Ryan you are certianly utilizing the full power of DundasBI. I need to figure out something to utilize more of DundasBI than what I am.

It looks great, thanks for sharing

Sounds like a great use of many DBI features

Greate case study with embed Dundas BI capabilities!

Nice job Ryan

I do like the case when Dundas is embedded to other application.

Thank you for sharing your case study with us

Great study, nice to see how you make it fit your situation

I'm a big fan of the UI, looks really slick!

great work Ryan!

Nice design. Good job!

Great to see the product in action

Looks like all the hard work payed off. Great to see this being successful!

Good Stuff. thanks for sharing.

Looks great.

Haven't gotten there yet, but hoping to embed some dashboards in digital signage at our public attractions. DBI is so flexible!

Really like the dashboard design.

Designed really well - another great example we could learn from!

We embed our dashboards as well. Your styles are delightful and we may begin a project to revamp ours (not copy, but borrow some great ideas) to be a little more modern. Well done!

How did you accomplish the "Click and drag to Zoom in on this chart"? We've been wanting this functionality for a while and haven't figured it out. Maybe feature addition we missed? Javascript? I'm assuming the Zoom Out is a button that invokes the Zoom out function you see in the context menu.

Image title

Thanks for sharing.