How Absorb Software Embed Dundas BI to Provide Superior Analytics in a Multi-Tenant Environment

Very impressive. Looks great.... and very interesting business model, too.

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Hey Devon,

Admittedly Javascript is a bit of a weak point for me but with the awesome help from Dundas support I've been able to hack together a few custom actions here and there. In this case, I actually just used the "Selection Cursor" functionality (found under the Main tab on a bar chart) to zoom horizontally/vertically. The "Zoom Out" button is just using a simple script to revert the zoom back to default on click (see below). Just swap "completionsChart" with the script name of your chart and you should be good to go!


Thank you everyone for the kind words! I've not been terribly active in this community but that may need to change seeing as you are quite the friendly bunch!

What a great, elegant solution! Keep em coming!

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Very impressive.

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Very impressive.