Favorite Dundas BI Data Visualization

To build upon our 10 Advanced Data Visualizations webinar and upcoming eBook, we wanted to put it to a poll, and ask you what your favorite Dundas BI Data Visualization is.

In the comments below, let us know the following:

  • What your favorite Dundas BI data visualization is
  • Why that data visualization is your favorite
  • What insights you've been able to get from that data visualization

I'll go first!

My favorite data visualization that Dundas BI offers is the Sunburst Chart!

The reason why I love this visualization so much, is because of how it transforms the much-maligned Pie Chart into something that's actually engaging and great at representing hierarchical data structures (plus it looks great!). Not only that, but it's a truly versatile visualization and is extensible to numerous of events and solutions that have anything to do with hierarchy.

Now I haven't done anything too crazywith ths chart yet, but it's certainly helped me convey multiple hierarchy levels at once.

Alright, your turn! Let us know what your favorite Dundas BI data visualization is and why.

My favorite Chart in Dundas BI is BarChart.


Bar charts are familiar to most people, and interpreting them depends largely on what information you are looking for. You might look for:

  • the tallest bar.
  • the shortest bar.
  • growth or shrinking of the bars over time.
  • one bar relative to another.
  • change in bars representing the same category in different
  • classes.

For each bar in the bar chart, the following statistics are useful:

Mean the average height of all the bars.
Maximum the maximum value (tallest bar) in the series.
Minimum the minimum value (shortest bar) in the series.
Sample Size the number of values (bars) in the series.
Range the maximum value minus the minimum value.
Standard Deviation Indicates how widely data is spread

The correct answer to this question, in my opinion, is 'it depends'. The perfect visualisation for one situation is the worst one for another. There have been many links on the cube to different sites which assist in choosing the proper one.

That being said, my favourite one will be the bar chart. It is the oldest but most recognisable and easily readable of all the visualisations. Of course, it does not have to be boring, there are ways to make a simple bar chart look modern and eye catching too.

Let's not forget that a data label is a visualisation too!

I Agree with David, "it depends". I always run the gambit when I have new data looking at it with different types of charts asking my self is this telling me (and my audience) what it should and is there any new insight.

So my favorite one is the fact there are many ones to choose from so the best story can be told visually.

What do I like looking at:




Tree Maps

At this moment I am putting Heat Map (based on Maps, or derived from 100% Stacked Bar) as my favorite. It provides either 1-D or 2-D view of intended data in a vey intuitive way.

In one of our dashboards we utilize heat map (from 100% Stacked Bar) to analyze customer volumn based on both 'Day of the Week' and 'Hour of the Day', and are able to see the peak hours just at a quick glance. Heat map based on maps is also a classic combination.

Tha Visualization I am using the most and find most informative is the Bar Chart (along with Trend Line in many cases) as it clearly displays the difference. The use of trend line on top of it gives a clear comparative analysis to the user at a glance.

The simple Table.
It is so flexible and can be used for whatever you want.
You can manipulate the data,
Enbed things into the cells.
Create Links,
Use it to filter,
Pass parameters to and from it.

It is by far the most flexible and powerfull visualisation ... Except maybe getting into HTML stuff

My favorite data visualization that Dundas BI offers is the Sunburst Chart.

Bar charts work best for me especially having the drill down added

My favorite (though I tend to agree with David Glickman) is the standard bar chart. It's versatility makes it unique in it's boring-ness.

My favourite is the Sankey diagram because it is great for visualizing traffic, energy & material flow during processes! It helped me to understand the energy generation and consumption, and all the possible losses along the way.

My personal favorite is the Chord Diagram because I like the look and I like how it shows one to many relationships. My most useful is the old stand-by, the bar chart. It's just so useful.

Sunburst, makes for a much more useful pie chart.

My favorite is the PieChart!

Let’s say gauges and maps.

My favorite visualization is Sankey diagram.

My favourite visualisation has to be the Sankey Diagram.
It really lets you see the likns between different groups and also at what value.

The new Small Multiples. It is my favorite because it is perfect for showing my data dynamically and being able to compare things easily.

I’ve found out a lot about what medical procedures have the highest yield.

The Sankey and Chord charts

The bar chart and also the pie chart