Click on part of charts does not have data

I have Dashboards and some of the shapes do not have data. I created an interaction to show a popup when you clicked.

I set up parameters to so that the popup only shows data for the part of chart (spicific column or data label value )that is clicked. When I click on any of those that has data, everything works as expected.

But …
When I click on a shape that does not have data, I get the popup with unfiltered data.

I would like to prevent the popup when a no-data for any part of charts is clicked. Any ideas on how I can do that?

I am working on Dundas BI V8.0.2.1004


Hi Ahmad,

While setting up the pop-up interaction, have you made sure that the Bound visual is not the entire chart but the specific series the user will click and see this pop-up? You can edit it and change and the validate if it works fine.

If this is not the case, I would like to know what you meant by “shapes with no data”?


Yup, you got my point
That’s working fine now
Thank you …