Build vs. Buy: How SAVYVA Created Their Brand New Analytics Application by Customizing Dundas BI

Hot off the press!

After months of hard work, we're finally bringing you the story of SAVYVA and Cube VIP, Thomas Tucha, and trust me when I is a real page turner!

With this case study, we highlight how SAVYVA embedded their components within Dundas BI, enhancing their existing products' analytics layer, giving them a polished, custom, one-stop shop, single application that could bear the brunt of managing complex transfer pricing and tax business processes.

Thomas Tucha is the Managing Director at SAVYVA

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After checking out the case study, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Thomas!

Take a look at these screen shots of SAVYVA's amazing solution:

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Waiting for Challenge to go up.....

Great story

Looks great!

You all are using Dundas to the MAX I think it is a great thing. One day I will get around to it but for now I am kind of stuck puting every dashboard into SharePoint :(

Really impressive utilization.



Very inspiring - thanks for sharing this story!

good to hear success stories out there with Dundas


Well done. Any chance we could see the screen shots of the embedded Dundas reports? They are a little small in the article

Absolutely! We've just updated the post above to include the images from the story.

Very cool. The dashboards look great!


Looks good & great story...inspiring.

Wow! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

It was quite interesting!