Build vs. Buy: How SAVYVA Created Their Brand New Analytics Application by Customizing Dundas BI

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Great! Funny and helpful!

This is really cool!

Very interesting and useful!

Great presentation ! Interesting implementation of the Sankey Diagram, really big one :slight_smile:
Also great use of the Tree Map and waterfall charts.

Great visualizations. I like the EBIT dashboard the best!

Great story! Very nice!

that is a great job so good

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Great works very nice

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Love it! It’s always a challenge to mix exec summaries and hard data on a single board, but it looks like you’ve pulled it off.

Great Story!!! Nice !!

cool! good stories!!!

Wow! Great story, I’m excited about many of the things you are… customizable navigation, database write back.

It’s inspiring to see what others have done with Dundas, shows off the capabilities, and I’m always looking for ideas

This has some great reference points. Thanks!

Nice work really good stuff

Great Work!! Well done

This is very helpful

I really like the visuals you have presented here. In particular I find the one with the world map to be great! Thanks for sharing.