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Hi Jordan,

Just something about your precessional background, before Dundas what were your professionals experiences?

What does the Cube run on? I love the concept!

Hi Luis,

Prior to Dundas I was a contract market researcher, for a Toronto based research organization. The focus was on youth consumers in regards to how they felt, believed, aspired, etc. My main tasks were centered around sports and physical activity. Other than that, I held various marketing roles at the University I attended.

What's your favourite sport to play and to watch?

Favourite to play would have to be golf! I just came back from a trip to Myrtle beach a few months ago - 13 rounds in 9 days, it was fantastic!

To watch is a tough one. I'm a huge sports fan in general, specifically the Jays, so I guess baseball. I buy 15 game packs to Jays games every year.

Can states be exported or reused?

Dundas does have a migration utility and it does a pretty good job but I elected not to go with it in the end since my particular situation would have required quite a bit of work to get the generated BI dashboards ready for prime time. I had about 100 dashboards and DashBlocks but I'm converting them over as need. It is a great way to learn DBI and unlearn DD even if it is a bit of a PITA. If you are using stored procedures or manual SQL then the hard work is already done.

How many people are currently employed at Dundas?

There are roughly 60 of us working here!

Hey Tom,

States can be saved under styles and re-used if the style is applied to a similar chart type.


The Cube's platform is created by Influitive! A local Toronto company.

when dundas BI will be recognized by Gartner formally? I am asked this question by almost all my customers.


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Hi Mohammad,

I'm assuming you're referring to the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant (MQ) - if that is the case, you shouldn't believe everything you read ;). Even though there is some truth to all humor, let me provide a more detailed answer. As far as Gartner's recognition outside of the MQ, we are actually known by Gartner's analysts and are mentioned in their other reports, including their peer review comparisons against other vendors - We currently have the highest score: https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/business-intelligence-analytics-platforms

We also presented at the last Gartner BI Summit in March and at the Gartner Canada CIO event back in June. As for the MQ specifically, you may have noticed the shift Gartner did with the Quadrant, to focus on what they are calling "Modern BI and Analytics Platforms" as opposed to "IT-Centric Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms". While Dundas BI was infact recognized by Gartner as a Modern BI and Analytics Platform, it was relatively new to the market (1 year at the time), while analysts were collecting data for the Garnter 2016 MQ.

We will apply again this year in the hopes that our great momentum will allow us to get recognized on the 2017 MQ. That being said, this depends on your help as well and how much brand awareness Dundas gets! I encourage you to refer your clients directly to Gartner to ask about us, as that will increase our chances of being included. Also, I urge you have your clients check other review sites including Gartner Peer Insight, Software Advice, Trust Radius, etc. to see what other users think of us compared to other vendors.


Dundas Cube will include support case to answer for costumers or consultant in the future?

Or it will include only challenges?

How many support calls and mails does Dundas recieve daily?