Let's pull back the curtain and get to know your admin a little bit better! If there's something you've been dying to ask me, but weren't sure how to do so, now's your chance.

Want to know how I started at Dundas? Want to know more about The Cube? Want to know where my favourite place to travel is? Want to know what I put in my morning tea?

Ask me anything...

What do you think of Dundas? Are you enjoying working here?

How to migrate from dundas dashboard to dundas BI.I wanna mean i already hvae running dashboard and i wanna keep them without coding or implemented again.

Kind Regards.

How's the response to the cube been? How many have joined?

What features are Dundas looking to enhance in the next six months?

Where does then name "Zenko" come from?

What is the best place to dinning out in Toronto?

Favourite/worst thing about Ryerson?

What drew you to Dundas as a company to work for?

How self-aware is The Cube?

Working in an IT company like Dundas, how much of a nerd are you?

There are approximately 300 amazing Dundas customers and partners in our community!

We are releasing Dundas BI V3 very shortly, and along with it you can expect:
Faster data exploration paths
New types of visualizations
Better mobile support and,
Better exporting to Excel and other formats

The Republic of Belarus! Originally 'Zanko', but with the migration to North America, through translation and clerical error it changed to 'Zenko'.

The notion of being able to administer this program and interact with industry professionals from day one! My studies were strictly B2C with the exception of one Analytics Marketing course, and that course ended up leading me to look for a tech Marketing role!

Well, I just finished reading a hardcover Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia... Does that answer your question!

Favourite - Location, Location! Being in the heart of the city and having access to anything and everything really made the experience!
Worst - Location, Location! Toronto is expensive! I had to move 4 consecutive years due to rent.

What is your favorite movie?

300. No debate.

With so many great questions about your thoughts on the Cube, Dundas and your hair products alrwady on here I'll take it in another direction. In your own words, or by quoting Monty Python, what is the meaning of life?