When I complete a New challenge, how do I few the material/link in the challenge again?

I clicked to view the Heat Map challenge - https://dundas.influitive.com/challenges/?&id=1523#
I clicked Accept in error which moved the challenge to my “Completed” tab… when I view the challenge there, I don’t see the education link anymore. Am I missing something? It would be good to have the original challenge content available even if challenge is completed, so that one can view the content again at a later time.

I think this question has been asked before, and I thought that they had changed it to allow for viewing of the contents.
You’re right, it’s not there anymore - and I would add my name to the request to allow viewing info from completed challenges

I also would subscribe to the request!

Thank you for bringing this up Neha, this is definitely something that would be useful. I will bring this issue up with the Influitive product team to find a solution. Keep an eye out on this thread, I will update everyone as soon as I have new information on this.

@neha.shahani Please check your personal message inbox, I’ll send you the link to the video directly.