What do data-driven companies have in common?

Investing in data-driven behaviors often translates into measurable, positive impact and business performance. Nearly all executives say they want their organization to be more data-driven, but discount cultural investments that help bring that change to reality.

As Dundas BI users, you’re either part of organizations that effectively embraced the data culture or are helping other organizations adopt the data culture. From you, I wish to understand behaviors, characteristics, and key trends that set data-leading companies—ones with a strong Data Culture—apart.

What are the key traits that define a strong enterprise Data Culture?

Even if I’m not working in a “company”, most of the stats I’m asked to provide are linked to the correlation between the investment done and the result it provides. In my case it’s investment on research topics versus relevant scientific publications it produces, in other words: are we spending the budget in the right way? But at the end of the day, it’s always the same: is the investment providing benefits (in my case the benefits are not linked to profits).
The core point is to have a result worth the investment done.