What can I do when Dundas connected with Python

I want to know what are the possibilities when I connect Dundas BI with Python. What are the best things a developer can achieve using Python? Please suggest.

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Here you can find some ideas: https://www.dundas.com/support/learning/documentation/data-metrics/transforms/other/python-data-generator
For me, the best feature is the json parser.

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My main source database (hive) has a very, very high latency.

For me the best (first) thing with python is an easy way to generate (small) test data:

x=[1, 2, 3]
y=['a', 'b', 'c']
return [x, y]

No need to use another tool (eg. excel) to generate static data, all can be easily done inside the cube UI of Dundas.


I have a new video on Python which might be useful to you and relevant to anyone reading this thread. This video introduces Python in Dundas BI and also builds a real-time currency conversation sample. The user is able to choose on the dashboard which currency they want to see and the figures are converted on-the-fly.


Hope you like it.


The way I’m reading your question, @anupam.mishra, is “what can I do with an external python script that will interact with Dundas?” Is that right? A lot of the other answers are talking about what you can do with the Python blocks IN Dundas, which are also awesome, but I think you’re like me in that you have python scripts outside of Dundas too.

Interesting - i didn’t read it this way but you might be right! I’d love to hear some example of this.

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