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Welcome to the forums! We want this to be a place where you can learn new concepts, share ideas, and engage with a vibrant community of like-minded Dundas VIPs, all while enhancing your knowledge of Dundas BI. These forums are a wonderful source of information to answer any and all Dundas related questions. Chances are, that if you have a question, someone else has asked it in the past, or will ask it in the future.

We’ve broken our forums down into 3 different tracks: Informative, Community Sourced Technical Questions, and Knowledge & Fun Zone.

So without further ado, here’s a brief overview to help you get the most out of these forums:


Welcome & Getting Started – This is the category you're in right now! Use this forum to learn how these User Forums will work, access resources on Dundas BI, participate in some introductory discussions, and view descriptors of all the other forums.

Feature Request – In this category you can suggest, comment and discuss the features you want the most in Dundas BI. See a request you like? Give it a ‘like’ and we’ll keep an eye on it.

Feedback & News – This category includes both yours and our feedback. We’ll have topics such as “What’s Your Most Valuable Feature”, but we’ll also inform you about new versions, announcements and Q&A sessions.


Installation & Config – Here’s your one-stop-shop to installation, upgrades, configuration, maintenance, licenses, load balancing, high availability, deployment on AWS/Azure/other clouds, multiple languages and more.

Analytics & Data Preparation – Data connections, data cube design, data storage, data input, data analysis, data security – you name it! If it has data in the name, we’ve got it. Plus you can also find discussions on R scripts, formulas, hierarchies, time-dimensions and more.

Visualizations & Dashboards – Interested in dashboard best practices, visualization design, filters and layers and interactions? Then you’ve come to the right place. Hey, you can even show us your own dashboards if you’d like!

Scorecards & Reports Design – This category is for everything and anything Reports & Scorecard Design related. Integrating dashboards in reports? Check. Multi-page operation reports? Check. Report bursting? Check.

Integration & Embedding – This category consists of all your integration and embedding needs. We’ll post everything from integration into other applications, to multi-tenancy, to public facing solutions and authentication.

Scripting & API – Scripting & APIs are great! So why not have an entire category dedicated to them?


Read & Learn – Extra, extra, read all about it! This category will include all the data visualization books, best practices, case studies and other reading material you can handle.

Tips & Tricks – We’re bringing you tips & tricks to improve your data visualizations and Dundas BI experience weekly! Have some tips of your own? Feel free to post them here.

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Customers and partners of Dundas who are members of The Cube - Dundas' VIP Program, may be awarded perks for their participation in the User Forum as well! It's a secret as to what the perks will be, but there are different ways to qualify:

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Thanks Jordan - I look forward to getting involved.

I have 2 questions.

1. Is there any way to 'bookmark' threads or topics within the cube system so that I can come back to useful ones later?

2. Is there a simple way to share dashboards in the forum like with a file rather than giving people access to my server?

Hey David,

To answer your questions:

1. Unfortunately, at this time you won’t be able to bookmark entire threads, but you can follow specific topics. You can do this by selecting the “follow” button in the bottom right corner of a new topic:

Image title

You’ll be notified whenever discussion occurs on topics that you’ve followed. Regarding the forum following, I have submitted a feature request to the platform our User Forums operate on, and I’ll keep you updated.

2. You mention sharing your dashboards. Could you provide some more information? Would you like to simply share an image of your dashboard for the community to see, or share your dashboard in a way that users in the community can interact with it?

If it’s the former, you can paste an image with the “photo” icon:Image title

Thanks Jordan - that makes sense.

Could you also ask for an option to automatically follow threads you reply to.

Absolutely! I'll let you know if there are any status changes with the request.

Hi David,

For your second question - You can share a sample dashboard/other Dundas BI object using an export file you can easily generate under the Dundas BI admin menu. This export file can then be imported by others by others into their Dundas BI instances. Note that the export file will not contain the source data (unless the source was an excel file you dragged into the Dundas BI), but it can still conatin some confidential information so you please make sure you only share non sensitive export files. In addition, for others to see the dashboard workign with data, they will need access to the source data. In that case, you can either share you source data backup (i.e. a SQL Server database backup file or script) or to make it even easier, simply build you sample dashboard using a dragged excel file (that will probably make it easy as well to randomize data in it) and share that export. You can always create a copy of your existing dashboard (and it's depedencies) and then re-wire that copy to point at Execl data vs your original source.

UPDATE - my previous answers to David’s question no longer apply (as he’s well aware :slight_smile:). Since improving our Forums, I’d like to re-answer these questions:

1 - With our new User Forums, it’s now possible to organize topics by those that have been Bookmarked or Liked. Here’s how this is done:

  • While in the Forums, search something in the search bar, and hit enter (what you search is irrelevant)
  • Remove any text from these bars:


  • Select i liked from the side bar:


  • This will populate the search bar like so:


  • Hitting submit in the bottom right will return all topics you’ve liked! As for Bookmarked topics, simply follow the same steps, but for Step #3, select I bookmarked from the any dropdown menu, instead of I liked.

Topics can be bookmarked by selecting the 3 dots beneath a topic:


And by then selecting the bookmark icon:


Entire categories can be followed/watched, by selecting the watching option, that is visible on all main screens of each category: