Warehouse Job Notifications

Happy New Year, all! Does anybody know if it’s possible to set up an email notification for admins when a data warehouse build job faults? I’ve looked around through Config and don’t really see anything that fits the bill. No luck under System Health/Jobs either. Any ideas?


do you have an email address in the default admin account?
I get an email everything a job fails and I have my email address in the default admin account.
I am also in the default system admins group.

Thanks, James. There is a valid email address in the default admin’s account and it’s also in the default system admin group. Maybe I’ll file a ticket with Support and see if they have a suggestion.

Hi Ryan, there are a few steps to also enable this feature,
a) there is a setting from the Admin Setup Config that needs to be first enabled Job Failure Email Police
b) and making sure Email settings are configured, link below
LINK: https://www.dundas.com/Support/learning/documentation/administration-configuration-customization/configuring-notifications-and-other-scheduling-features#h3-2-email-settings

Oh ya I forgot about that, it is under general in the application configuration


BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much, James! Can’t believe I didn’t see that one. Really appreciate the help and hope I can repay someday when I get better at DBI. :slight_smile:

Have a good one,