User/Region Level security in Dundas

Hi All

We have a set of users who should on be restricted to see the data for a particular region. What is the best way to achieve it in Dundas.

For example I have User1, User 2 , User 3 …
And regions as NA , GCG , AP
I want User 1 to see only NA Data
I want User 2 to see only AP data
I want User 3 to see everything (all regions)

Note : We are using only one data cube and one de normalized table where we have this entire data.

Thanks in Advance.

Aditya Dave

This is what I use. make your regions a Hierarchy and then use it as a security Hierarchy. this is if in your data it is not detected by Dundas as a Hierarchy.

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Hello @adityadave,

I’ve implemented a similar concept of row level security using a security hierarchy and custom attributes and it’s working really well.

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Thanks a lot for the input … Let me try to implement it.

Thanks a Lot for your advice … I will be following the same and see how it goes.