Updating permission to all account

Dear Community,

There is a way to change the permission of all the account via the tables of Dundas via SQL queries?
I have a dashboard that created with the wrong permissions and then accounts were added to a group with wrong permissions - so you can realize the account right now having wrong permissions, I have a lot of accounts, close to 800 account - so I wanted to know if there is a quicker option on SQL or scripting to change their permissions.

The other option is to change every account by hande their permission, and this will take hours.

Dundas wiz & support team, please help me!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Aviv,

Running SQL queries on the App DB is never, ever supported. It’s a very risky operation with a high chance of breaking things with no way to go back.

Fortunately, we have a large set of APIs (REST, JS, or .NET) that you can use to accomplish any of the operations you might need.

If you have 800 accounts which you want to remove from a group, for example, you can use the Group/RemoveMembers REST API.