Updating Hierarchies


I’ve noticed that when there is an update in the data of the data cube a hierarchy is based on the Hierarchy is not updated accordingly. Is there a way to update the values included in the Hierarchy to reflect the change in the Data Cube?

Are you checking right after the change in the data? There is a cache period that has to be waited out or bypass cache.

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Yeah, I was checking it right after the change. How do I bypass the cache? Is it through the Data Cube?

I should not have mention By Pass Data cache that is for Metric sets, sorry.
I have not wanted to wait on the cache to update my Hierarchies also and what I did was force the Data Cube to update by checking out and back in again or changing it to warehoused then building it or if you are on your development server you can change the cache time out, I would not do this on production.

Hierarchies do not have a place to By Pass Cache, that I know of.

or just wait it out, it frustrating sometimes. I suggest getting it worked out on the Dev box so you can change the time out.

Thanks James. Yeah, production might some data caching. How would do it on production when you load new data and the hierarchy would be need to be updated?

Try checking out the Data Cube that feeds it and checking it back in.
Typically I just wait and if it is an already in use my big wigs and they are waiting you to make it update. You just have to tell them that Dundas has a cache period and it set as low as it can go, any lower and it will adversely affect/effect other Dashboards performance.
If you are still developing this on the production server, just wait it out. When I run into this the first thing (well second thing because the first is usually some cursing) I do is try to figure out if I going to add more data to that Hierarchy. That way I add it all at once and then I only have to wait once.