Update label text with view parameter

I am trying to achieve a very simple thing:

  • I put a label on a blank dashboard.
  • I would like the label text to be updated when there is a view parameter which is set.

Do I need a script to do that?

Also, can you confirm that what is called viewParameter in Dundas (and that can be set either at DataCube, or MetricSet or Dashboard level) is equivalent to a querystring parameter?

I.e. that by passing a query string (e.g. &foo=bar) we pass it automatically to any DataCube/MetricSet/Dashboard which is part of the view which is being visited?

You can achieve what you want using a data label. I believe that @jeff has produced a video or two about it.
Basically, put a data label on the dashboard, and put the hierarchy that you are filtering on into the row/column/slicer, and set that hierarchy to be the text of the label. It will then display the selected value and change when you update the parameter.
(row/column will show if it’s a single value filter, slicer will show for multi value or ‘all’ but only in view mode)

A view parameter is set on the dashboard and controls a metric set. A data cube can also have a parameter but you will need to explicitly make it ‘public’ for it to be available in the dashboard. This is nothing to do with how you control it. The querystring parameter is a way to pass in the values to set on load of the page, but no different (afaik) to manually setting it on the dashboard