Universal Data Color Palette?

I’m looking for a way to set a single data point color palette that I can apply to all my different styles. Is that an option somewhere/somehow?

Hello Kelly,

Thank you your inquiry,
You can have a particular color scheme on a single style and have that style applied to multiple dashboards and visualizations(My assumption is that you want multiple dashboards styled the same way). Typically, each style in Dundas BI changes the appearance of your component or visualization in a unique way. Hence having a single color palette applied to all your styles would run contrary to the purpose for which styles were created in Dundas BI.

I would need more details as to what you are trying to accomplish, please feel free to elaborate on the reason why you would want all your styles to have a single color palette.

However for now, I can provide more information regarding styling.

This article and this brief 3 minute video (links below) give more information on Styles and Themes in Dundas BI



Please let me know if this answers your questions and feel free to include any follow up questions you might have.