Undo button on dashboard for end-users

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to create an “Undo button” for end-users viewing dashboards.
On a dashboard with for instance a table where we let the end-user reorder the columns, sort etc, sometimes the end-users get lost, and an option to undo last action would be helpful.

We have a ‘reset dashboard’ button but haven’t got that to reset table visualiations if for instance the end-user change the column order.

Hi @ole.christian.valstad,

Dundas BI does not track changes at view time, so there is nothing within the application that would easily allow for this. Your best option is to use the reset and navigate back to the same dashboard. (as you mention)

Otherwise, you could reset simple changes via a script, but there is a possibility that you’d miss something.

Thanks for your answer!
I understand that this is not something that can be easily done, and track every possible change at view-time would be hard.
I think reset dashboard is enough for our users as well :slight_smile: