Unable to pass viewparameters in URL

I want to create a URL by passing the values of view parameters but unable to pass data on filters. I took reference from here:-

Where Protocol is my view parameter(script name) and SIP.A is the unique name. but I am getting “No Selection” in the filter. Please suggest to me what to do.

Hi Anupam,

One thing to check is whether the view parameter’s script name is actually Protocol or pProtocol, because your URL is currently setting one named pProtocol.

If the names match and a filter is not reflecting the view parameter value, it’s possible there are multiple view parameters and that the filter is using a different one. When connecting a filter, the Parameters tab of the Filter Visualizations popup allows you to see and choose which view parameter the filter uses.

“No Selection” is also what a filter seems to display if the unique name value you set is not recognized by the hierarchy it’s connected to. You can hover over values in the filter to see their unique names as shown here.