UI bug? Explore tabs not always visible

It looks like a UI bug:

Sometimes the Explore tabs are visible on the right side of the screen

And sometimes they are not:

When they are not visible, it becomes annoying, as there is no way to dragndrop element on the canvas (e.g. datacubes on a datacube workspace).

Hi @matthieu,

I believe if the Explore tab is ‘Closed’ by clicking the X, then it will appear down in the bottom left of the screen.

See snip below:

ok thanks! it worked.

Such a weird UI :confused: When tabs are collapsed, why do they disappear and need the users to click a button ?

They live at the side, but sometimes (for some reason I haven’t worked out yet) Dundas randomly decides that the screen is too small.
Then it collapses/hides the panels at the bottom, and puts the menu bars into tiny mode.

if you click on “collapse” or just click on the text (not the cross icon following the text), the panel will remain collapsed - it will not disappear. If you “close” or click on the cross icon, it will disappear from the side or bottom bar and appear at the bottom as those icons.