Trying to improve performances

Hi everyone,
I am trying to improve performances of my dashboards with the following in mind
NB: In memory Data cube is not applicable in my case

Some questions for my data cubes

1. Is it better to have mutiple small data cubes or one big data cube?

2. I need to retrieve a part of a text and transform it into a measure. What is the best
a) a string transform followed by a data conversion o
b) or one calculated element?

3. Is it better to add a formula into the metric set or to add a calculated element in the data cube (for a simple multiplication)

4. Any magic tip to help me?

Thanks a lot

Hi Sarah,

1. For any data cube dealing with large amount of data, make sure they do not contain too many transforms which loads the data into memory for processing. That involves a calculated element transform and some other, which show a green exclamation mark on top left of the transform. You can avoid using a calculated element transform by either including the transformation in the manual query or using SQL expressions in SQL SELECT transform. Generally for a select transform, all the transforms following it will be executed in a single query until an in-memory transform (e.g. calculated element transform) is reached

2. You can add it as a SQL Expression, as suggested above or just use one calculated element to extract and return a number

3. It is better adding a simple formula in metric set because data is already aggregated there, so should be faster.

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Thanks a lot, Upasana