Trigger SQL Stored Procedure from dashboard button via click action

Hi Everyone,

I have created stored procedure in SQL Server 2016.

I want to execute that particular stored procedure from click button on dundas BI dashboard.

Does anyone has achieved or tried same?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

Hi Utsav,

I've actually done this one a few projects using Dundas and it works quite well. Basically you need to structure the stored procedure so that it takes an input value of some kind.

something like this:
proc myproc

if (input not null)


It's necesary to do this because you don't want the store procedure to run everytime someone loads the dashboard. In order to trigger the stored procedure, hook a parameter control up to it and set it to something that isn't null. You can also use a parameter update button or just a regualr button in order to trigger the running of the stored procedure on the user's demand.

hope this helps


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for reply.

It will be very helpful if you can share sample project with such example.

Here is a step by step example for this case - let us know if that works for you

Thank you Ariel.

I will try that and let you know how that goes!

If you are using a Cascade Hierarchy I can help with the Bridge Parameter coding and provide a Stored Proc methodology that will help.