Tooltips for table row headers

Where do I go to edit the tooltip settings for the row headers? Currently, if I hover over an entry in my table (metric set visualization = table, that is), it shows “column: value” for whatever I’m hovering over.

I’d like to change that, so that it shows more info. Where do I go to edit that? I can’t find it anywhere!

Screenshot of what I mean, in case it’s not clear:

So far, I’ve been able to create a popup by building a dashboard with the info I need, but it’s quite clunky and seems unnecessary. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hey Ken,

If you click on your table then click “Data Analysis Panel” in your tool bar at the top, you should see an icon inside your Data Analysis Panel called “Visualization” If you click that you can set up tooltips.

Clicking the paintbrush next to the tooltips allows me to set up a header tooltip.


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Hey Patrick, thanks for the reply. I took a second look to be sure I hadn’t overlooked this, but I can only see what you shared when doing settings for my measures. When I go to the row headers, I don’t have that option.

I think I have found a decent solution, though. I made a very small dashboard that will serve as a hover-over - versus the tooltip - that will contain the information I want for my users and more.

Nonetheless, it would be really nice if we could alter the tooltip for row headers. There IS one, we just can’t change it!

Hmm very odd, sorry I wasn’t of more help. Glad to hear you were able to figure something else out though!

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Hello Ken,

You are right in your findings. There is currently no way to change the row header tooltip. In the Table properties, under Main > Interactivity there is an option to show or hide the Row Header tooltips, but the row header tooltips cannot be changed manually like the column tooltips. This is because row headers are used to group rows and often span/contain multiple rows across various columns. However, the pop-up dashboard idea you came up with is a brilliant solution, that gets the job done as well. Awesome work.
Out of curiosity, what data were you trying to display in the tooltip? And is your “name” field which is currently used as the row header a dimension or a hierarchy with levels below it?

PS: thanks for helping out Patrick, that was a great suggestion.

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It’s a dimension. At the moment, I can’t recall when I would need to make hierarchies…

User Hierarchies allow you to group your data, it helps with organization and gives the ability to drill down and make the data more readable amongst other things. Every dimension in Dundas BI is actually an “implicit hierarchy” but when you create a hierarchy from the Menu bar, it is termed a User Hierarchy
More details can be found here:
Short Video:

The reason I asked was to get more insight into how your data is structured and to find out if your row header had multiple levels, similar to the screenshot shown here.
And if so, what kind data you were looking to include in the tooltip?

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Hello Ken, just checking in to see if the current solution you have is sufficient?

Yea, the hover-over is what I’ll have to settle for. It seems excessive to have to make a dash for something so simple, but I’ll make it work. Thanks for talking it through with me and for the explanation of heirachies.

You’re welcome Ken.

By the way if you could provide more details on the structure of your table and the kind of data you were trying to display on the tootip, that would be helpful. We could look into it and see if that could be a possible feature request for future releases.

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Hey, I’m back to this again. I’d really like to put custom text in here, like a data label can do. It seems odd that measures can do it, but row headers can’t. Often we need to format the text or customize the text that is displayed, either in the row header or in the tooltip. I feel like this would be of high value, but low cost (as the functionality already exists elsewhere in the software).

Hello Ken,

Seems like this question has been sitting here for a while. Sorry about that.
In the initial screenshot you sent, you had a row header with the value of “Air Frying” and a header text of “name”.
Please can you give an example case of what you would like to include in the custom text?

Hey @Lota, I’d just like to include other text. It may be static text, like an explanation of the column, or dynamic, like a reference to another column [product]

Good Morning Ken,
Noted, have you considered switching that row header to a column? Columns usually have more customization options.
Also, is that “name” field (the one which contains Air Frying) a multilevel hierarchy?

It’s not a hierarchy by definition, no. But it does have sub-elements that I need to group under it.

I don’t want to switch it to a column because then it won’t group all of its elements under it. That would be a simple solution if I could have done that!


Quick update Ken,

I am conversing with R&D on this. Will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Thank you! Relatedly, we can set tooltips for column --headers-- (for measures) but not for row header’s headers. This would also be helpful.

Hello Ken,

Acknowleged :+1:

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