tooltip for outlier

how do you display the tooltip data for data points that are outside your maximum/minimum axis limits on a line chart?

It sounds like you’ve set the Maximum Upper Limit which is hiding your data. If you want to see all values, please ensure that the Maximum upper limit is correct based on your need. Settings these in the way that was described seems mutually exclusive.

Hi Dale,

Keep your true measure value but add a second formula value that reduces your true measure to the allowable maximum for the axis: Math.Min($Measure1$,3500)

In this case, I’ve set the maximum to 3500.

This will leave you with two measures. Turn the Visible property of your original measure to false, so you’re only charting the formula measure with the aforementioned maximum.

But in your Tooltip, specify the original measure (the one you made invisible).

Teach your users that when they see a value hit the top of the axis value in the chart, to hold the mouse over the data point to see the true value.



Perfect! Thank you, Wayne.