Too Many Users Logged On - error after upgrade

I just did the upgrade from v6 to v7 and it appeared to all go well. As the admin I can log into Dundas and see all the dashboards, etc. that were there before the upgrade. However, when I try to log in as a standard user I get an error message of TooManyUsersLoggedOn. We are running two servers in a load balancing configuration with ADFS. When I look at the Seat Usage, there are lots of seats, no one is using them and all looks normal. Anyone experienced this? I would hate to roll back the upgrade for this. Any advice much appreciated.


Disregard. The standard user I was using to test with was having issues with the Active Directory Federation Services which is what I suspected from the formatting of the error message. The upgrade worked perfectly and I am a big fan of the new Menu control.

Another update on this, the upgrade did work but there were issues with authenticating the power users. The problem was that we were using an Active Directory group as an external group in Dundas and it was given the Power user permissions. Our licensing called for the power users to be reserved users. To solve the issue I changed all the virtual users to be reserved Power users and removed them from all Active Directory groups that we had set up for Dundas. It was probably set up wrong in our old version of Dundas but perhaps not enforced correctly for us until we upgraded.

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Thanks Kelly. Very much appreciate the follow up detail. Please let us know if there is any specific help that we can provide.