[TIP 47] Animating Cell Values Changes in Tables

Are you using tables and want to draw the user's attention to changing values within those tables? By using the Animate Cell Value Changes, you can help users quickly identify which specific cells in your table contain new values since the last time data was retrieved from that table.

For example, you can create animations if the user changes a filter value (that is now going to affect the results on the table), or if the table is set to have an automatic data refresh using the Auto Refresh Interval property.

There are 2 types of animations: Highlight and Slide:

1. - The Highlight animation is great when you want to draw the user's attention to a specific cell that changed value, but the actual new value isn't that critical. For example, you have a manufacturing command center and one of the machines in the command center's status changed

2. - The Slide animation is better suited to help the user understand the change by sliding up or down depending on the new value result vs. the previous value result. For example, you are looking at a stock tracking table and you want to see not only which stock changed but also if the stock value went up or down compared to the previous value.

Using this sample, you can experiment with both modes - CLICK HERE

The property to setup the animations to take place is detailed here - CLICK HERE