[Tip 145} - Check In/Out Workflow

Check in/out workflow

One of the special ways Dundas Bi excels in assisting with remote communication is the Check in/Check out function.

To facilitate collaboration on projects, Dundas BI uses a check in / check out model with respect to items such as data connectors, data cubes, dashboards and more.

The workflow is generally as follows:

  • Check out or create an item
  • Edit the item and apply your changes
  • Check in the item so others can see your changes
  • You might have noticed there is no Save button in the Dundas BI toolbar. That’s because Dundas BI saves your work automatically so you don’t need to be worried about losing your changes. You still need to check in your work though so others can see it too.

Click here to read the documentation on Check in, Check out and auto saving

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