Thickness of the bar

I am working on an range chart to visualize occupancies in hours.

So i like to present the hours in % with the thickness of the bar.

Is there a way i can create/implement this?

Thanks in advance,

You can use the PERCENTTOTAL formula to do this.

You would essentially create a measure using that formula, then use that measure as a data point label via the visualization on the data analysis panel.

Hi Christian,
I applied it to my chart and now i can see the hours in percent.
My question now is, if there is a possibility to change the height of the bars due to the percentage value?

Thank you for your help.

The height of the bar is currently corresponding to the hours. So if you’d like to display it in terms of percentage with uniform bar heights, I’d imagine you are better off re-visualizing this is a 100% stacked bar chart - this way, each bar is uniformly heightened and the percentages are key.

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