The Most Inspiring Women in Your Life

Sunday March 8th marks this year’s International Women’s Day, an important event to celebrate women around the world and shine light on equality and diversity. I am fortunate to have been shaped by many women that have come into my life: women in my family, female teachers and professors throughout my education, along with friends and colleagues. Each and every single one of them have influenced me to be the person I am today.

But without a doubt, the woman that has inspired me the most is my mom. Along with my dad, she left everything behind when we moved to Canada to provide a better opportunity for my brother and I. Starting over in a foreign land and facing a huge language barrier, she took care of my brother and I to make sure we went to school with a full breakfast and healthy lunches, braved the cold and snow to take us to extracurricular activities, and of course, being the authoritative yet gentle voice of reason during the hundreds of fights between myself and my brother. Her sacrifice and relentless will to raise her two sons are traits that have been instilled in me and are virtues that will continue to guide me in the future.

We have all been inspired by women in our lives at some point. Let’s share and recognize some of the women that have influenced and inspired you whether it be personally, academically, or professionally. Feel free to share your own story about how they inspired you or if you just want to give them a quick shout out, you are more than welcomed to do so as well!

There are too many to list and tell stories of, but top of the list for me is my MOM! Her profession was House Manager, Care Giver and many more titles to many to list.

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Happy Women’s Day to All the Women around the world.

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Moms and wives top the list for me

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Happy International Women’s day! Moms and wives are truly inspiring. :slight_smile:

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As a tech geek, I have a different interest than many women. However, it is so good to see so many smart, bright women entering the development world. It still amazes me to meet women in high places making way for all of us. None of this would not be possible without our mothers and all those women who paved the way regardless of profession. It all adds up! Thank you all!


Beautifully said Kristi!

My mom and my sister have been two of my role models ever since I was young. I have been and am still learning from them.

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There has been my Wife, Teachers, my Mom. Every woman is an inspiration because if we take a moment and try to put ourselves in their place and try to imagine all the hardships they go through just because of the way the system is, just how patriarchal the society is (every society is patriarchal, more or less) and just how automatic the burden of expectations is.

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My mother (as with basically everyone else on this list) and my teachers through the years. Without them, I’d be nothing!

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Amazing perspective Ravi.

Definitely the women in my family!

Mom and daughter matter the most for me!

Mom!!! Happy Women’s Day!!!