Template for Reports

Is there any template options for reports like there are for dashboards?

In my dashboards I can have a header/footer image/text in the template and all dashboards are linked to that. Benefits being that I automatically get my ‘letterheaded’ dashboard without effort and if the client wants to change the image, I only need to change it once.

Is there something similar for reports?

I guess copy-paste helps towards the first reason, but not the second.

Hi David,

This would be a feature request for the reports. How important is this to you? I’d imagine that a template feature on reports might work a bit differently than it does on dashboards. Perhaps only a page/report header and a footer gets templated? Or maybe just a header?

Would scorecards support it? I’d lean towards no…

No majorly important, just annoying.
It was something that I expected to be there but it isn’t.