Table export columns in same order as visualization

I have a table that I need to export to excel, but when it is exported the columns don’t appear in the same order as on the visualization. Is there a way for us to set the columns to export in the same order as the visual?

As seen on the visualization

From the export

The Data Analysis Panel


Hi Melissa,

I’m not sure if this is helpful. I took a look at an export of mine and it’s my understanding the column order goes from top of the rows to the bottom and then from the top of the measures to the bottom of the measures you have setup in the metric.

Like you mentioned, this is different than what is showing on the visualization portion of the data analysis panel.


Hi Melissa,

I see that there is ‘Price per Unit’ in the export and ‘Per Acct Fee’ in the metric set and visualization. Are they same ?


@shashank, yes they are the same. Price per Unit is the name from the cube, but they want the field or column named ‘Per Acct Fee’. I have corrected that issue already, it now in export says Per Acct Fee after I made this post

@melissa, it is an expected behavior. Hierarchies get exported “before” measures in excel unless it is a flat table.

Hi Melissa - In general we do go through a lot of trouble to try to replicate the representation of the table visualization in Excel, but the behavior in this particular case is known to us as a limitation when some of the hierarchies are displayed as regular “flat” columns and others are row headers, whereas they are probably more commonly all row headers or all flat columns (also called a “flat table”). We have logged ticket #92912 to formally track this difference in Excel compared to the table visualization in this case to look at addressing it and you can contact support with this number if you want to be added to the ticket to help us prioritize it. For now, an arbitrary column order that can mix hierarchies (orange) and measures (green) together is currently supported only when all of those columns are “flat” columns (listed under Column in the Data Analysis Panel’s Visualization tab rather than under Row Header, or you can right-click the columns in the table directly when editing to switch them using the Re-Visualize > Display As Flat Column option).

In your case, it might also be possible to change Per Acct Fee to be a measure if its values are numeric? Measure columns can always be placed in any order in the table and are exported to Excel that way by default.