Table data not fetching


We are using Dundas table, We can retrieve more than 3 month data but it will take more time for fetching data and also it having column alignment issue, Please can you guide me how to fix it…


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Have you tried Warehousing the data cube?

Hi james,

In datacube we are using parameter so storage type is not supporting, Please let me know if you have any other alternative way…

Hello @muthu.pandi,

Your data cube is a live one? You should check the “bypass data cache” option for your visualizations.

Is it an actual SQL Query or table objects tied together in the Cube?

if it is a actual SQL Query, when you run this query out side of Dundas (direct to the Database using SSMS or Toad not sure what kind of DB you have here) filtering for the same data result, how fast does it return?
Is it just as slow or just about as slow?

If it is a bunch of tables form the Dundas Data Connector object, try turning into an Actual query and see how that query performs when ran directly running it against the Database (out side of Dundas).

The more details you give about what your set up is, like what kind of Database it is or it is reading excel files, how the cube constructed the better we are able to give you advice.