SSAS Tabular set-up - What is yours?

Hi, we are using SSAS Tabular model in combination with Dundas in a multi-tenant set-up. We are experiencing several performance related issues, for example:

  • +3 minute waiting time for a data connector or cube perspective to open
    This occurs after every page refresh, so when opening a new metric-set, the wait restarts. In the background we notice a full discovery is taking place.

  • Unreliable loading times and no direct/visible trigger that causes this.

The hardware seems to be powerful enough and we do not see any spikes in CPU or memory.
The OLAP model has around 300 tables of which 200 are small (e.g. max. 1000 rows, 5 columns) and 100 are bigger (on average 2m records) and 20 columns.

We are using Dundas version in combination with Tabular version 2017.
We tried building dashboards on the sole model, on cube perspectives and combinations, but there seems be no difference regarding performance.

**Please let us know if you have a similar setup and if you are experiencing the same issues or not. **
If you are not experiencing these issues please let us know the size of your Tabular model, version and some other configurations that might be relevant. Thank you!

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We are also using SSAS Tabular model as a data source. We’ve observed that Dundas produces an MDX query instead of a DAX query which we believe affects the performance.

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