Sparkline in a table


I have a situation where I would like to add a column with sparklines, in a table. (like YTD).

This thing can be done easily with a scorecard, but I would like to use it in a table.

Theoretically I would need a measure and a dimension on the same cell, but I don't know how this could be done.

Any advice?

This is how my row should look like!

Image title

Thanks in advance!

You would actually need a measure and two dimentions for the spark lines in this case. One dimension would be the rows of the table itself and another will have to be used for the bottom axis of the sparkline (such as a timeline).

This is possible for some chart types using the data bar column type, because they display a single data point per measure. However, sparklines and line charts display multiple data points for a single measure to make up the shape of the line, which is not possible in a regular table.

Your best course of action in this case would be to design the table in the scorecard designer, and then drag the scorecard onto the dashboard to display it.

And four years later…

Is there a way to do this yet? A sparkline for each row in a table, or is the answer still the scorecard route?

Hi @david.glickman - Scorecard is definitely the way to go. The scorecard was created to solve the issue of complex elements in the data table. When we looked at how people might want to cram funky data in the data table, we decided early on that it was better to do something else. The scorecard was designed to allow you to build anything you want in a table-style format which can then be embedded in a dashboard to give a look and feel of a table.

The alternative would have been a very complex table visualization that wouldn’t be as flexible as what we have today with the scorecard.

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Thanks @jeff.

I’ll have to get used to actually using something as it was intended to be used :crazy_face:

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