SMTP w/ Azure Hosting & IBM Domino Server


Our instance is hosted on an Azure server but we use an on-site Domino Server. We are trying to connect the SMTP up, but are having multiple failures doing so. We’ve got tickets open with various partners, but I figured maybe someone’s been through this before. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Azure apparently blocks traffic through port 25. I believe Port 443 as well.
Domino doesn’t appear to be “listening” on port 587, because I can see the traffic routed to our server on our firewall appliance, but it never routes through Domino.
I have gone into the Configuration on the Domino Server & set the ports to 587, but that doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

Any tips and/or thoughts would be helpful. Thx.

My Dundas Server is on an Azure Server, we have Office 365 for our email and can connect to it to have Dundas send emails.

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We host our own Domino Server (unfortunately). I’d love to get us into Outlook just not an option right now.

I have not heard of Azure blocking port 25. We have an express route that blocks some FTPS traffic and went through many support calls with our internet provider and Azure each blaming each other until Azure found a technet article stating they had an issue with FTPS on Express route. We have another Azure Server not on express route doing our FTPS traffic because of this.

By the way you made me hungry for pizza now. :pizza:

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Here you go:

When we try ports 443/25, they don’t even register on our firewall.

That was the case when we tried FTPS traffic from an Azure server on the express route.
As far as how our email works, maybe the network guys did something to make it work?
I will ask our email guy. hold tight. Opps he gone for the day I will ask in morning.

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I just talked with one of our in the know guys.
Is the traffic to send the mail or test connection getting out of the server dundas is on? is there a firewall on that server blocking it?
We are not familiar with Domino. But for us we have a relay set up that everything we have that create and send email and needs to use our SMTP uses. the relay is what actually talks to Office365 our apps send to the relay.

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I had considered that because you cause are connecting Azure & 365, Microsoft may have more leniency about the connection.

So, when we specify Port 25/443 we see no connection on our Firewall. I can only assume it never leaves Azure.

When I specific Port 587, I see it hit our Firewall & the traffic gets passed to our Domino server & then gets passed back through to Azure w/ an error. There is never any activity in the Domino console.

Relay might not be a bad tip. I may have to start looking into that. Thanks.

Well, that ended up doing it. Thanks James.

If anyone ever runs across this, I had to set-up an SMTP Relay in Azure. There is a native free resource SendGrid that needs to be configured (free for like 25k emails per month). I connected it & then you have to configure the relay in the SMTP snap-in in the MMC. Anyways, there are a few helpful resources out there. Good luck.

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I am glad I could help.