Simple duplication of a chart

I have a chart that I made, customized enough to get it right where I want it.

Well, it’s great, but now I want the same chart setup, with the same customizations, for a different measure.

I’ve tried copy-paste, drag and drop the auto-generated items from Explore, and a few other things that broke my good chart now.

Is there a good, simple way to duplicate the format/foundations of a chart so you can then make another just like it?

Hi Ken,

If you’re trying to copy, the visual on to the same dashboard, the copy/paste method should work.
Additionally, could you also open devtools (press F12) and check if there are any errors while you’re trying to perform the action?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need additional help.

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Thanks! I worked with Jay G on an unrelated issue, and we think there may be an underlying issue with the application database that may have caused this. I just thought I was doing it wrong, but it appears not!