Showing only first/last instance of a data label?

I want to have the “Clock In” time shown once at the beginning of this Range Bar visualization, and then have the “Clock Out” time shown once at the end of the bar.

Instead, I’m only able to show one of the two at a time, and it’s spread across the entire range bar.

I’ve tried removing labels from all of the other elements of the visualization but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.


The Clock In/Clock Out element of the visualization is the light gray bar. The dark lines are times where work was completed.


Hi Thomas,

You may use ‘Data Point Labels’ to achieve the desired result. Data Point Labels is a collection, which means you can add one label per point at the left/start and another label at the right/end. Each one has its own Text property that can be set to any data and/or text you choose.
So, here you’d need to add one for ‘Clock In’ and another for ‘Clock Out’.


For your information, there is ‘Series Label’ properties, which displays one label identifying each series of data points.


Thanks for the help. I think I’m using “Data Point Labels”, but it’s giving me multiple lables on the light gray bar that should have only one “time in” (which I’ve renamed “clock in”) and one clock out.

Using “Series Label” gives me a label for “Clock In” that I can put at the front. But I still want to include “Clock Out” at the right side. Maybe I create two copies of the clock in/out bar and label the clock out on the second bar, which is hidden under the first bar?

That worked! I made another copy of the gray clock in/out bar and used a series label on just the clock out time.


I’ve still got the issue that I haven’t figured out how to tell it to include AM/PM in the label. I have another forum topic on that. It’s supposed to work with the syntax [Clock Out: h:mm a], but that gives me 5:12 a whether it’s an AM or PM time in the data.

Thanks again for your help!