Showing only a subset of legend items

I have a data legend that, as expected, includes an explanation for all of the items on my chart that are color-coded:

However, the only items I want included in the legend are the “Needs Improvement” and everything to the right of that. Also I’d like to change the order of items in the legend.

Searching through the forum, I didn’t find a discussion of this issue.

Is the only way to fix this to create a copy of the chart, remove the offending “color states”, hide the new chart behind the old one and show the color legend for the new chart?

Hi, the items you do not want to show in legend can be set from the chart with which the legend is connected, in properties:

You can also change sort order from the legend properties. Otherwise, you can add custom items and design them according to your specific requirements.

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That gives me what I needed.


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