Show PoP of filtered time data in line chart

I’m hoping that I’m missing something obvious here…

I have a line chart which shows data over time. The line chart x axis is a time axis, and is filtered by a time range filter. I need to show the previous year data in this chart as well, for PoP comparison purposes.

I have data going back to 2018, but the chart time axis is filtered to previous 12 months. So the chart is showing Aug 2020 - Aug 2021. I need to have a new measure on top of this showing 2019 - 2020.

Adding a period over period comparison works well, but the problem is that the data is getting filtered out. So Aug 2020 shows for previous year, but all the rest of it doesn’t show because of the filter.

I also need to get the 2020 data to show up in the corresponding month for the 2021 data - so two lines on top of each other.

That’s odd - are you filtering on a slicer or the time hierarchy itself (that is on the metric set rows) or are you connecting your filter to a bridge parameter? If it is the former, it should be fine. For example, here is a chart with a simple -1yr PoP

When I filter to 2012, I still see PoP data for 2011:

Just to get a visual of how your metric set is set up would help. It’s certainly weird if PoP data is missing.

Hi Christian

I’m filtering on the rows of the metric set. I’ll start with a simple chart and then work out what the issue is that way.