Set tab order in input form

We are using a form to gather data and I can’t find a way to set the tab order. I’ve tried shifting the order in the layer and changing the common name and the script name to include the numeric order as it appeared to be going in alpha order, both to no avail. Any suggestions on how to alter the tab order without recreating the form would be appreciated.

Hi Kelly, unfortunately there is not anything present in DBI which can set tabbing order of controls. And in response to a similar query made by @lindsey, I added this as a Feature Request, which will be added in a future release. I will let you know when its implemented.

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Thanks Upasana. I appreciate your response and your adding it to the Feature Requests. I’m constantly amazed at how responsive you all are to your customers and how willing you are to work with us. Thank you for making our work easier.

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Any chance that JS tabIndex could be used?